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The RE!MAGINE Trust Network

The RE!MAGINE Trust Network is an aspiration to create a culture which allows the private donor to cultivate a feeling of faith while forming wholesome long-term relationships with organizations and individuals working on the causes she supports.

Often, donating to a cause is skeptical. A donor, after pouring her heart out for a cause, tries hard to feel connected to the organization she supports. A realization of having made a difference to a life or a cause is what adds meaning to a person’s life.

RE!MAGINE Giving aspires to reinforce trust. A donor, after having contributed to a project, is gifted back multimedia snippets of the impact her generous contribution has made for the cause. A long-term relationship erected on the fundamentals of faith and compassion is sought for. Via the donor’s network, the cause is then propagated into wider circles, fetching the organizations and individuals working relentlessly for the cause much needed support and trust.

A trustworthy entrepreneur in the social sector gets to lean on the RE!MAGINE Trust Network when seeking funds for a noble cause. He is empowered to make a difference through the network. Minds like these with the zeal to impact lives get to cherish a culture conductive to their dreams.

The Trust Network hopes to serve as an ecosystem, where letting causes accomplish their short-term project goals is accompanied with donors experiencing a long-lasting association with the cause, built on the realization of impact their generosity translated into. This lets the organizations build a firm family which is as connected with the cause as they are.

Through the RE!MAGINE Trust Network, seeds of faith are sown, nourished by through compassion, all germinating to make a difference.