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Together, we can reimagine giving.

Join a global community working together to reshape philanthropy and make lasting systemic change.

Our Shared Values

Collective Giving

Systems change requires all of us - donors, policymakers, and frontline leaders - pooling resources and working shoulder-to-shoulder.


The changes we seek won’t happen overnight. We’re here for the long term, resourcing changemakers and continuing our own learning along the way.


The wisdom is closest to the work. We’re working to bring donors and leaders closer together to ensure a greater flow of resources.

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Lasting change takes coordination and collaboration. Learn about the Reimagine Fund - our pooled giving platform

Share Accountability

Join a community accountable to our values and invested for the long term work of systemic change


The wisdom - and solutions - are with those who have experienced systemic challenges. Learn together, and build community
Today, we are faced with crises of the COVID-19 pandemic, persistent and entrenched systemic racism, and economic, environmental and social challenges around the globe.

For decades, philanthropy has sought to make communities more just, but the events of 2020 further exposed the ways in which too many of our systems are broken. And, too often historic practices in philanthropy can exacerbate these problems.

As donors, policy makers, and social change leaders committed to meeting this moment, we know that none of us can change systems alone. That’s why we’re working collectively to mobilize, share power, and change philanthropy towards more equity and justice.
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We must move money - but it is not enough. It’s time to mobilize, share power, challenge systemic racism, address global inequalities, and change philanthropy to meet this moment.

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Make your commitment to systems change tangible by donating to Reimagine Giving. Your support helps us catalyze more resources to efforts around the globe including direct funding to grassroots systems change makers.

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Who We Are

Brought together by Social Venture Partners International in 2020, we are a growing community of donors, movement leaders, and engaged changemakers from around the globe.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reimagine Giving?

Reimagine Giving is a growing community of donors and movement leaders around the globe committed to lasting systemic change. We are building both a platform for philanthropists and a fund for the movement.

  • We invite philanthropists around the globe to fund movements for racial, social and economic justice systemic change in the way that movements most need.
  • We mobilize engaged philanthropists to work alongside, learn with, and amplify frontline-led efforts transforming communities around the globe.
  • We set an inspired example of what is possible when those with economic power truly reflect on their places in systems and come together to effectuate lasting and critical change.

Why Reimagine Giving? 

In the context of COVID-19 and the  urgency for a more racially just future, people around the world are giving … and asking, “How else can I be part of the change?”

Large-scale regional, national, or global funders have not moved significant resources to the frontline leaders working to create more equitable communities. In fact, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color have been largely excluded from historic philanthropic funding.

We need to direct resources to fill the gaps in where philanthropic dollars have gone.

Who is Social Venture Partners International?

Social Venture Partners is a global movement of over 3500 engaged donors, volunteers, and social change leaders. Together, we have invested more than $70 million in more than 900 nonprofits. SVP currently has affiliates in 40 cities and 8 countries across the globe.
SVP International seeks to enable:

- A more equitable and engaged culture of giving
- Improved flow of resources between communities
- More civically engaged and community-oriented philanthropists
- Increased sharing of wealth and power
- Multi-sector collaborations, understanding, and partnerships
- Stronger communities locally and globally connected

We work towards our collective impact by intervening in regional, national, & global systems.

Why is Social Venture Partners Leading this New Effort? 

We heard from our Partners that they want to be part of the change with donors around the globe. We have also heard that Partners want ways to participate regionally, nationally, and globally, alongside the work they do locally. 

That’s why we’re building on our local strength. As we launch this new community we will build a network of donors and social change leaders joining together across class, race, issues, and geographies, with curiosity, honesty, vulnerability, and accountability.

I’m an SVP Partner already, should I get involved?

Reimagine Giving provides a way for SVP Partners to stand up for the values that SVP’s have been demonstrating for decades. In this movement, you can build community across the network to jointly create systems change, while enabling SVP International to leverage our national relationships to fund local work. 

Reimagine Giving makes visible the people behind the funds. Standing up as a collective group, we can be a force for change within the institution and systems in which we exist.

In SVP, we know that advancing justice requires a whole ecosystem perspective and addressing issues at their root. Our community of philanthropists has long had a commitment to evolving alongside the needs of communities and this is one such attempt.

What kind of frontline community projects will the Reimagine Fund support? 

The first round of this fund is a quick-turnaround source for action grants that go directly to Black, Indigenous, People of Color advancing systems change and we are working with our SVP Affiliates in the US and Canada to identify those organizations. 

By building upon frontline efforts for systems change, this Fund will be one way to counter historic gaps in philanthropic investment. For grantmaking in the U.S. and Canada, that means prioritizing Black, Indigenous, and People of Color led efforts; and for future grantmaking, we will analyze gaps within the local context.

Those who experience the impacts of unjust systems have the vision and creativity to lead on transforming these systems. 

Systems change means addressing issues at their root and includes everything from proactive visioning, power building, supporting artists and creatives, culture work, changing public narratives, policy, advocacy, and community organizing.