How It Works


On-board Projects

We on-board projects that have a high potential to create impact.

Each project on our platform has :

Theory of Change

A clear idea of the change the project wants to create.


A fixed budget specifying where the collected money will be spent.


Clear defined milestones that will lead to the successful completion of the project.


Connect Projects with Donors

We provide projects with a way to connect to donors and grow through our Trust Network.

Each project on our platform gets :

Web Presence

A Project page through which they can tell their story and reach out to donors.

Multiple Payment Methods

Projects can accept payments through most modern payment methods including credit and debit cards..

Social Media Assistance

Since our aim is to help projects grow, we provide social media assistance to projects that need them.

Reporting System

Projects can reach out to donors through our novel reporting infrastructure and communicate on the platforms the donors use.


Provide Reports to Donors

We believe the true potential of giving comes out when a donor believes in the cause and the project. We provide Project Updates and Reimagine Reports to keep donors engaged and updated with the progress of the projects they support.

Project Updates

Periodical updates are created by the project organizers to let donors know about exciting events and the achievement of milestones.

Reimagine Reports

Comprehensive, unbiased reports created by the Reimagine Team, highlighting progress, impact and shortcomings.

These reports help both the project organizer and donor get a clear sense of the progress of the project and the way forward.

Checkout what makes our reports different!


Reports on platforms people use

Want to use your phone to get reports?
We got your back.


All updates Supercharged by our team

Our team goes over all updates and makes sure you get quality content.
And believe us, we hate Spam as much as you!


Independent and Unbiased Reports

We’re a non-profit for this very reason. Our main concern is impact, so if something is not going right with a project, we let you know.
Then, we try and fix it together!

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