About Us


Once upon a time, two college mates who happened to be traveling in a train were having a conversation. One of the two had been working closely in a rural village, and the other was a corporate finance person. Despite the contrast, they both shared a mutual desire of making a difference in the society that environs us all. The humble villager, who was someone with experiences of working with NGOs, pointed out how uphill a task raising sufficient funds can be. His listener, reading between the lines of what he was being told, analyzed the financial intricacies of the problem. Together, they brainstormed and pooled their respective expertise, and finally came up with an idea, an initiative that’d let those trying to make a difference in society not be held back due to scarcity of funds


To help connect individuals and organizations contributing to the social sector with meaningful, high-impact projects at the grass level, and thereby bolstering our country towards a better tomorrow – with a society that is happy, inclusive and emphatic.


Reimagine Giving is a youth-run, non-profit organisation that aims at bridging the gap between NGOs or individuals doing impactful social work, and people like you willing to donate for meaningful causes.

At Reimagine Giving, we want our donors to re-imagine giving for a cause. In addition to contributing monetarily with a donation, we let you connect emotionally with the causes you are supporting. This is done by letting you know of the impact your generous gesture has had. With high-quality creative multimedia, we let you see the difference being made. Isn’t the satisfaction of having contributed towards a cause bigger than yourself what adds to life’s meaning?

By providing you with timely multimedia reports of the positive impact of your donation, we hope to reach broader circles via your network, thereby seeking more support for the cause. We aspire to wind back the clocks to the time when giving was culture. Your standing up for impactful social projects by supporting such causes would take our society towards a better tomorrow full of compassion, empathy and hope.

The ReImagine Model

Q: How do we choose our projects?

A: Our process begins by boarding an organization onto our platform. For this, we perform due diligences on the operations of the organization and conduct onsite visits to get a better understanding of the organization, its philosophy and leadership. Our task is to ensure that your donation serves the noble purpose it is meant for, reaching organizations which are truly making a meaningful impact in society.

Q: How do our donors know how their donation made a difference?

A: We provide you with timely updates on the progress of your chosen projects, thereby allowing you a window into the ground impact your contribution has made. In the ReImagine way, we deliver creative, grass-level multimedia reports, made by inspired individuals from premier institutions, sensitizing you about the difference your generosity is making, the lives it is changing, and smiles it is bringing.

Q: How are our donors contributing with more than just money?

A: At ReImagine Giving, we’re proud of what we like to call The Trust Network, which serves as an ecosystem letting organizations and individuals accomplish their short-term project goals and also build long-lasting association with their family of donors. This is done by gifting our donors multimedia snippets of the impact. Through our donor’s individual networks, the cause is then propagated into wider circles, fetching the organizations and individuals working relentlessly for the cause much needed support and trust.