In the context of COVID-19 and the renewed focus and urgency for a more racially just future, people around the world are giving … and asking, “How else can I be part of the change?

Join our global community united in commitment for systemic change, not only as a donor, but as a partner in transitioning from transactional philanthropy towards regenerative mutual aid.
Historically large-scale regional, national, or global funders have not moved significant resources to the frontline leaders working to create more equitable and resilient communities and neighborhoods.

In fact, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color have been largely excluded from historic philanthropic funding. We need to direct resources to fill the gaps in where philanthropic dollars have gone.
Reimagine Giving is both a platform for philanthropists and a fund for the movement.
Reimagine Giving will allow philanthropists to participate in and amplify some of the visionary frontline-led efforts transforming communities around the globe.
We invite foundations, individuals outside of the SVP network, and partner organizations to join us.

About Social Venture Partners International

Social Venture Partners is a global movement of over 3500 engaged donors, volunteers, and social change leaders. Together, we have invested more than $70 million in more than 900 nonprofits. SVP currently has affiliates in 40 cities and in 8 countries across the globe.

Led by Sudha Nandagopal, Chief Executive Officer, and Yvonne Chang, Manager, Operations & Special Projects, in partnership with SVP International’s Board of Directors, Reimagine Giving is SVPI's signature Initiative towards cultivating and expanding a network that:
  • Catalyzes more resources to solving the major challenges of our times
  • Demonstrates ways to disrupt philanthropy as usual for more proximity and accountability
  • Influences philanthropists to provide communities what they need most
SVP International seeks to enable:
  • A more equitable and engaged culture of giving
  • Improved and increased flow of resources to between communities
  • More civically engaged and community-oriented philanthropists
  • Increased sharing of wealth and power
  • Multi-sector collaborations, understanding, and partnerships
  • Stronger communities locally and globally connected
We work towards our collective impact by intervening in regional, national, & global systems.

We do this primarily by influencing philanthropic systems, in partnership with individual philanthropists, community leaders, other social change organizations, and our network of Affiliates.

We are the hub in a social change ecosystem.